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Preparing your employees so they can perform at their best in times of need.


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Stepping Stone Training provides First Aid, CPR, AED and EMS response training services to businesses in order to prepare employees to care for coworkers and their own families in times of a medical crisis.

As an employer you may qualify for reduced insurance fees by training a large portion of your employees in First Aid techniques and acquiring CPR certification.

Our CPR courses may be taken in part online, we will show up at your office to administer a practical exam and content interview with the students. Upon successfully demonstrating the skills certification is presented.

The online-offline class combination means that your employees can review the material when they have time and you as an employer only have to provide for a minimal period away from work.
Training your staff with a minimal time away from work duties.

Dialing 911 is not enough! CPR, Rescue Breathing, and First Aid must be rendered as Soon As Possible in order to give the patient the best chance of survival. Those precious minutes may be the difference in welcoming a trusted employee back to work or sadly sending condolence letters.

We dont want you to send that letter and we dont think any person should have to suffer a great loss because you were unprepared.

Contact Stepping Stone Training today and we can discuss the options you have available to get your entire team trained and prepared.


The Breakdown:
To best protect your employees.
100% of your staff must know the plan.
70% Must be CPR Trained in adult and pediatric CPR.
50% Should be First Aid trained to the ECSI Standard level.

60% of your shop workers must be First Aid trained to provide the best service possible.

Do all your employees know how to use the tools in your office First Aid kit?
Is the kit complete?

Don't be caught unprepared, Contact Us Now.

As a responsible manager or company
executive it is your duty to ensure your employees are prepared.

Are 90% of your staff prepared to come to the aid of their coworkers or one of their family members in a medical crisis?

Calling 911 is not enough! You must be prepared.